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Date: 26 May 2020

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As with digital marketing, there are many free online tools that can be used to follow and improve the status of brands on social media platforms. These can be used to help grow a brand, and they may offer useful insights into customer behaviour and the performance of a company or product. While most of these tools offer paid plans that offer more functionality and features, the free versions are also helpful for companies with a limited budget.

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This is a useful analytical tool that enables users to identify, analyse and optimise their growth on Twitter. It is possible to make comparisons with other users, find out the details of your followers (their location and tweets) and organise your followers using different criteria. You can find and connect with your target audience and see how your competitors are using the platform. 


A vital platform for social media marketing, Hootsuite allows different social media profiles to be conveniently managed all in one place. It allows you to schedule up to 30 posts in advance and decide when they are posted. You can also generate leads with social contests. The paid plans offer analytics that can provide insights into how your posts are received. And, multiple users can sign up under the same account. 


Social.Clout is a monitoring tool that collates metrics and conversations taken from posts, forums and blogs to provide insights into the way your brand name appears online. The reports and metrics are provided in real time, and they include Facebook and Twitter. This tool provides a clearer understanding of the way your brand is perceived on social media, and it also shows how you compare with your competition. 

Zoho Social

Another platform that helps users to manage multiple social media profiles and schedule multiple posts. Zoho Social also makes it possible to research particular keywords and collaborate with team members. Additional features include the SocialShare browser plugin, advanced reporting, Facebook lead advertising and CRM integrations. The free plan allows one brand to be managed but there is also the option of choosing a business or agency package to manage multiple brands.  


This is a news filtering tool that allows you to receive the content that is most relevant to your business and view it all in a single location. It enables you to follow relevant broadcasters and influencers across different platforms or YouTube channels. It also allows you to monitor news relating to your brand, company or products through the use of Google Alerts. You can process content in a shorter space of time and connect with your company's private content.


Years have passed since 'hashtag' first entered the general lexicon. These days it is a commonly used tool. Keyhole allows users to see the number of people that have posted using a particular hashtag, as well as the number of likes, retweets and impressions a project generates. You can also keep track of the most influential people that are showing an interest. All this information can be shared with your colleagues and clients through a link or a downloadable pdf. 

Social Oomph

With an unforgettable name, Social Oomph offers an impressive range of features. These include the ability to manage and schedule posts, keep your Twitter inbox clear, to deal with a high volume of followers as well as offering a full range of analytics tools. Social Oomph connects to different platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Tumblr. However, the free plan is mainly focused on managing Twitter accounts. 


Personapp allows you to quickly create and share social media personas through the use of a simple framework. These can be used to start off new projects and begin user involvement. Personas can then be validated through user interviews. Once you have carried out your research, you can decide which personas are the most relevant. An additional software programme may be needed to collaborate with clients. 


Friends+Me is a highly rated social media management tool with a well designed website and a range of plans. The free plan allows you to use two queues and schedule five posts per queue at once. It also offers link shortening, integration with Zapier and browser extensions. Friends+Me emphasises the use of Google Plus features, but also works with the most common social media platforms although Instagram and Pinterest are only available on the paid plans. 


A content creation platform with a vision for an improved social media environment, Contently aims to empower creatives working on stories that make a difference. It does this by helping brands to create content, and by providing enterprises with the technology, marketing expertise and creative talent that they will need to complete a particular project. Rather than a marketing tool that can be easily used by marketers, this provides long-term assistance with stories that need to be told in the best way possible. 

Social media marketing is a key tool for marketing products and services in most sectors. There are many tools that can help to improve the use of social media for business purposes too. Although the best features tend to be reserved for the premium plans, there are free plans that you should use so that your social media marketing makes the best possible effect.

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