Why your fit-out business needs ERP software


Date: 2 March 2020

A building contractor fits out a new office space by building a timber partition.

As a fit-out business, you surely face daily challenges, like tight deadlines (in which people expect you to create miracles!), being up-to-date technology-wise, keeping your team neat and tidy and making sure that that information flows without causing issues.

This is exactly why the next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions on the market are key for your future development.

Why use ERP software?

A lifesaver in terms of time and budget

Next-generation ERP software will allow you to track your project’s budget in no time. You will plan your project from enquiry to handover, and track it each step of the way.

Planning the execution of your project and making sure you have the budget up to the last detail will help minimize the risk of overspending.

ERPs allow you also to track the Bill of Quantities (BOQ), and you can create financial documents from inside the system. It also integrates smoothly with your accounting system, so don’t have to duplicate your work.

Team collaboration will sky-rocket

Next-generation ERP software will allow you to track RFIs - no longer needing to store that on spreadsheets and emails, while keeping everyone on the same page.

You will have a single repository for all your data and your team, split into departments, will be able to have a different levels of access, according to the data they need for their daily jobs.

A great ERP system should allow the communication flow to work smoother, making information available for everyone at the same time.

A uniform approach

Standardization is key! You want to make sure that, even though you handle custom fit-out projects, the company will not run in a chaotic way. You want to make sure that there are processes in places, stages inside them are set, and that the financial data is unified.

How do you manage quotes? Do you split them by labour and materials; labour, materials and overhead, or do you just put in total cost? Templates inside ERP systems will help you streamline your processes and improve your accuracy. 

Big or small, international clients or just local, your fit-out company needs an ERP system to make sure benefits flow your way. Think long term, make this investment, and watch your business grow!

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