Four simple ways to build your business’ profile


Date: 18 March 2020

A café owner sits on a chair outside his premises - small business concept.

Small businesses, especially those just starting out, often struggle to grow their brand. As an ambitious business owner, you should be taking all the necessary steps to take your firm to greater heights.

Regardless of the sector you are in, be it e-books on trading indices online or selling clothes, you can use marketing to build your business’ profile and bring new customers flocking to your door.

In this piece, we will discuss four ways to maximize your growth through marketing, without incurring huge costs.

1. Use social media

Social media is widely used by individuals, and it has become a handy tool for businesses too. The fact that most of these platforms are free to sign up to and operate lowers your advertising costs.

If your budget is very tight, you can build an organic audience by posting for free, but for maximum impact, it’s best to pay for ads so that you’re guaranteed to reach your target audience.

The key thing to remember is to make your business account exclusively focused on business, and nothing else. This help you remain professional.

2. Run compelling campaigns

Another way to advertise your brand is to create campaigns related to your product or service. For instance, if you sell clothes, you could run a campaign where you pledge that for every purchase made, a certain percentage of the profit goes to a charity that provides clothing for a homeless person.

With a campaign like this, you will attract buyers who wouldn’t have come to your store unless they’d heard of the philanthropic cause you’re promoting. In this case, you’ve won a customer as well as given back to society - a win-win situation.

3. Hook up with a marketing partner

Marketing collaborations happen when two firms come together and work together to achieve a promotional project or goal. The partnership can be permanent or temporary, depending on the terms.

Collaborations help the two businesses connect their clientele and direct them towards one another’s products and services. This eventually grows both brands to higher levels.

Collaborations don’t necessarily need to be between small businesses; one could be a known brand, which plays a significant role in helping the smaller business get to the top.

4. Get networking

If you’re just starting out, networking is essential to build business connections and get the word about your business out there. Forming relationships with clients and potential partners in the field will help to build word of mouth about what you do.

Attend business events related to your sector, and start to create your own network. Also join social media forums, groups, and chat rooms related to your profession. This is how you get to know what your audience is talking about, and what matters to them.

The bottom line

Starting a business is not hard - it’s growing it that can be challenging. But with the techniques mentioned above, you can take your business to new heights.

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