How do you know if your online marketing is effective?


Date: 22 January 2020

A female business leader explains marketing effectiveness data to her team using graphs and charts.

When working on your online marketing campaign, there is one thing you care most about: results. What is the effect on the number of visitors? How many conversions have you generated? Becoming data-driven in your online marketing is key in order to identify this.

In this article, online marketing company Seeders dives into data-driven online marketing, and how it can help you assess how well your campaigns are working.

It starts with data and ends with data

Before starting a campaign, you need to know the keywords you want to be found on. Identifying these using a data-driven approach can be done using the Google Keyword Planner tool.

This tool enables you to search for keywords and see the number of searches and other suggested keywords. The tool also helps you set the context of this search. What is the geographical area you want to focus on? What is the language you are targeting?

When you have this data, you can determine the keywords and then start building your campaign. Writing content and publishing it in a network will allow you to gain a vast network of backlinks. In turn, these will lead to a higher position in the search engine results.

The coolest part is that this can be monitored using Google Analytics and other tools. With these, you can effectively understand which keywords are doing well and which do not.

Adjusting your online marketing campaign

Based on the data, you can focus on the keywords that do well and help you convert your visitors. On the other hand, you can optimize or retire other keywords, based on your strategic goals.

Many agencies uses this approach to track, adjust and improve the campaigns they run. Having a continuous process that focuses on these elements helps you to stay alert and set goals on an ongoing basis.

Other tools that can be helpful

Knowing how traffic arrives at your website can lead to useful insights. There are tools out there that enable you to see all the links to your website from other sites.

You can see the respective value that they bring, and the keywords that are used to refer to you. With this, you can effectively track and monitor the development of your inbound link network.

Seeders, an online marketing company, is effectively using this for clients, and thereby generates an organic network that grows over time.

Focus on the organic growth of your network

If one thing about online marketing should be evident, it is that organic growth is most important. With improved search engine algorithms, organic growth will be valued over strong artificial growth of networks.

Partnering up with an online marketing expert helps you to better grasp this and grow the network you are building.

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