Why a social media presence is critical for small businesses


Date: 30 October 2019

A woman types at a laptop, talking to customers and making connections on social media.

It’s interesting now to think back to the early days of social media. Portals such as Bebo, Friendster and MySpace existed solely for entertainment and personal networking. It took businesses a long time to realise that they could also double up as an excellent marketing channel if used in the right way.

We have now witnessed a massive paradigm shift as regards the influence of social media. If you want to reach an online audience, you HAVE to be where they are - or risk being forgotten. Even huge enterprises such as General Electric and IBM post regular updates to increase sales and brand awareness.

This is why small- to medium-sized enterprises need to take full advantage of these channels. Here are some of the reasons for leveraging the power of social media, and takeaway tips to keep in mind.

The ability to reach a massive (and interactive) audience

One of the key metrics that defines marketing success is the ability to tap into a large consumer market. However, this makes little difference to the business in question if it is unable to interact with its target demographic.

Social media gives you the ability to not only reach huge numbers of people, but to carefully target specific audiences who would be interested in what you have to offer.

Platforms such as Twitter and Google also provide entrepreneurs with the ability to speak with their audience in real time. This is critical in terms of obtaining quality feedback and determining overall consumer sentiment, or how a specific marketing campaign is performing, as well as providing excellent, responsive customer service.

Increase your social media clout

As mentioned previously, success in social media depends on the level of interaction between a business and its followers. We must also point out that both positive and negative feedback will be received, and both are valuable. The former provides evidence of a successful marketing decision, while the latter will offer insight into any changes which might need to be made.

Here are some other ways to more actively engage with your audience:

  • try to post updates at least once a day;
  • offer discounts and similar rewards for loyal followers;
  • run automated email campaign to drive traffic to your social media pages;
  • cross-link strategies between different platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and even your own website.

The bottom line is that you need to work smart as opposed to hard to increase the presence of your business on social media. Interaction is therefore key, as it offers an organic edge that would otherwise be hard to find.

It can be argued that a strong social media presence will have a dramatic impact upon the success or failure of any venture - so taking part should never be taken lightly.

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