Five tips for advertising your small business on Facebook


Date: 6 June 2019

Three customers use their smartphones to check Facebook and see small business advertsYou’d have to be living in a cave not to know that, for many small businesses, advertising on Facebook is essential.

The platform is a utopia for small businesses. It allows us to share content, ads, videos and more. And it keeps us connected to the world, and to our audience - the ones we hope will buy from us.

The team at The Good Marketer have pooled our knowledge to give you our five best tips for advertising your business on Facebook. If you’re new to Facebook advertising, or just short on the time and resources to make the most of it, make sure you follow this advice.

1. Know the audience you plan to target

The ability to target pretty much any niche audience on Facebook is incredible. It's one of the reasons it’s a popular choice for marketers - but don’t get carried away with your options.

First things first - get to know your audience. Understand who you want to reach before you start choosing the criteria. A general guide is to select no more than two or three options.

Don’t get lost in the choices just because they seem to fit; it will decrease your engaged audience and drive up your cost per click (CPC).

2. Gather your customers

Just like customers come through the door of your store, or to a website landing page if you’re an online business, a Facebook Page allows your 'fans' (aka customers) to follow your brand.

It's easy to update your Page with engaging content - and you can monitor the performance of your posts, allowing you to hone your message accordingly. Without question, a Facebook Page is essential if you want to run ads.

3. Keep Relevance high and Frequency low

Two metrics often ignored when using Facebook ads are Relevance Score and Frequency.

Frequency will tell you how often a single user sees the same version of your ad. Your Relevance Score is based on how many people respond to your ad by clicking.

If readers see your ad twice, on average; that’s good. Great, even! But, if it’s a lot higher - let's say eight or nine times - that’s not so great. Because if they’ve seen it that many times and not converted, they’re not likely to.

Keep your ad Frequency low - anything below six is good - by having a large enough audience to ensure your ad cycles through different audiences. And keep your Relevance Score high by making sure you’re reaching the right people.

4. Make your content mobile-first

By this we mean: create your ads specifically so your audience can easily view and interact with them on a smartphone or tablet.

The majority of your audience is likely to be viewing that way, so it’s essential you get this right. Mobile content will usually translate easily to desktop, but that doesn’t always work the other way round.

Your content also needs to comply with the best practices associated with mobile devices. For example, make sure video is embedded vertically, making it easier to view on a phone.

5. Get your copy and images right

The above four tips will help you make the most of Facebook as a platform for your ads. But don't forget the basics of ALL advertising - the words and pictures that get your ad clicked on.

For example, the text has to be relevant to your audience and the product, and be easy to read. You don’t need to write Nobel Prize-winning copy here - get to the point, and don’t make the reader work too hard.

Your imagery is also a consideration - keep it bright, relevant and eye-catching to drive those clicks.

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