Three golden rules for customer care in retail


Date: 7 January 2019

Customer care in retailAs any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you, customers are the lifeblood of your business. As such, they must be the top priority when approaching business operations and management.

When it comes to customer care, each retail business will likely differ in their approach, but the core principles remain the same, aiming to keep customers satisfied and coming back to your business again and again.

Here are three golden rules regarding customer care in retail.

1. Relationship management

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of customer care is the relationship you build with your customers, which is crucial in gaining their loyalty and repeat custom.

Building a relationship with customers involves making sure that their needs are always met, and going the extra mile for them to boost their faith in your service. It also means getting the basics right every time, such as appearing friendly and approachable and answering any queries promptly.

Once you've built a good relationship with a loyal customer base, you should notice a significant increase in repeat custom and business growth.

2. Seeing off the competition

While trying to make sure your customer care is the best it can be, it is also crucial that you look at what others are doing to please those same customers.

Whilst you may want to get ahead of your competition, remember that you can also learn a great deal from their approaches and processes. What are they doing brilliantly, and (importantly) where do they fall down? Spotting these gaps shows you where your opportunities are to shine.

Bear in mind that there are laws in most countries (such as Wettbewerbsrecht, or competition law, in Germany) which protect competition in certain markets - so be sure to pay attention to these to avoid legal altercations with your competitors.

3. Your customer service team

When your business is large enough, it's worth investing in a dedicated customer service team. They should be able to deal with standard enquiries, as well as being a friendly first point of contact for customers.

Having such a team will help save your business time and resource, as well as improving the overall customer experience. This will lead to better online reviews, and not only generate repeat custom, but also encourage satisfied customers to recommend you to friends and family.

As such, it's a worthy investment when your business is ready to take customer care to the next level.

These are just some of the customer service methods which have been tried and tested in retail businesses. Be sure to tailor your approach to your overall business image, and remain adaptable and flexible to ensure that you always have the best measures in place.

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