Measure your marketing ROI with call tracking

By: Elena Volozova

Date: 26 October 2018

Measure your marketing ROI with call trackingAccording to HubSpot's Dan Zarrella: "Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed". Very wise. So, as a business we set up Google Analytics, and assume this will provide a comprehensive solution.

But although Google Analytics can be really amazing, it cannot tell you everything you need to know without some extra help. For example, it's no good for measuring your offline marketing activities.

Hanging on the telephone

With the rapid expansion of digital marketing, many of us overlook the importance of one of the most popular communication channels - good old phone calls.

A significant percentage of interactions with prospective and existing clients are still handled over the phone. But are we paying enough attention to what these can tell us?

What is call tracking?

There is no need to explain why measuring marketing ROI is important; no one wants to throw away resources on something that does not bring results.

Call tracking allows you to asses the performance of your various marketing channels. It records the number of calls received to different contact numbers associated with each channel, both online and offline.

Clear tracking statistics can help you analyse which advertising channels bring in the most customer requests or transactions. It's vital for marketing success to know if that billboard on the highway is bringing you a steady influx of calls, or if that 30-second ad on TV is wasting your budget.

Call tracking widgets are readily available - good suppliers make it both free and simple to set up. To make it even more efficient, you can integrate the results with Google Analytics and top CRM systems.

Call tracking opens the way for you to get your money's worth from your advertising.

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