Five reasons why PPC is crucial for your small business

By: Christopher Pappas

Date: 23 October 2018

Five reasons why PPC is crucial for your small businessPay per click advertising - or PPC - is a valuable business tool, and a crucial component in a successful digital strategy. If you run a small business, you might have imagined that PPC is only useful for larger enterprises. However, you would be missing out on a huge opportunity.

PPC is an excellent way to grow your small business online in a controlled and profitable manner, helping you to reach potential customers cost-effectively.

What is PPC?

PPC, sometimes called paid search advertising, allows you to target people searching online for a product or service like yours. It lets you reach your target audience by specifying who exactly should see your ads, and pay only when they engage with it (by clicking to find out more).

PPC provides an opportunity to display your adverts in front of actively engaged buyers when they're looking to buy.

Why is PPC vital for your small business?

PPC is undoubtedly crucial for start-ups and small businesses. A well thought-out and planned PPC campaign can increase not only website traffic and conversions, but also revenue.

Here's why it has a significant role to play.

1. It's highly cost-effective

One of the most common misconceptions about PPC is that you need to spend a lot to get results. That's true to an extent - but only if you don't know what you're doing. However, if you follow these principles, it will increase your chances of making your campaigns profitable:

  • Never put all your money in at once. It's advisable to start with a small campaign, and then increase your spending slowly. In the meanwhile, analyse results (number of visitors to your website; conversions), and make improvements based on what you see.
  • Analyse which keywords are proving most profitable for you, and decrease spending on those that don't get results.
  • Take a look at what your competitors are doing and which keywords they use. Study this, and use it to your own benefit.

2. It boosts early traffic

PPC ads can be used to give your business exposure and revenue in its early days, while you work on building up your site's organic search rankings. This can take time to get right, and you may have some false starts - so PPC can help to bridge the gap.

3. It improves your public profile

Although it may not be obvious, paid search ads help drive future enquiries and clicks to organic listings even after your campaign has come to an end. That's because people who view ads are more likely to remember your brand, and think of it as more authoritative, when conducting future research.

4. It brings you qualified leads

A targeted PPC campaign will make your ad appear in front of users who are actively looking to buy. It will attract the right kind of people to your landing page, and into your sales funnel.

5. It informs your other marketing efforts

As an essential component of your digital marketing strategy, PPC can help you improve engagement across other media as well. It makes it easy to test which key words and phrases are effective in attracting customers - letting you apply this learning to other marketing channels.

Getting expert help

PPC has the power to take your marketing efforts up a notch and give a boost to your business to help it prosper.

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