Six reasons to advertise with Google AdWords

By: Digital Next

Date: 6 August 2018

Six reasons to advertise with Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords (known as Google Ads from July 2018) is one of the platforms driving change in the marketing world. Pay-per-click (PPC) is among the most effective forms of paid online advertising, allowing businesses to benefit from the huge number of people who use the internet to research information, products and services.

Used properly, Google AdWords can send a large number of people looking for your product or service straight to you.

If you're not currently using it, here are six reasons to consider making use of Google Ads.

1. It increases leads and traffic

Google Ads is one of the most effective lead generation tools. A well-thought-out PPC campaign has the potential to drive targeted leads to your website, landing page or other online property. The power to focus on people who are searching for your product or service is what makes AdWords so good.

You can continually refine your ads to target the right customers more precisely, so that the traffic boost also leads to more business.

2. It's flexible

Google Ads is a suitable marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. It's basically a switch to turn traffic on and off, and it is compatible with an array of other marketing platforms and software.

Campaigns can be easily tailored to focus on specific groups of users, targeting people based on location, what device they are using, and what Google platform they are using (search engine, YouTube, Google Plus, and so on) .

You can also set your budget as you please, allowing you to set daily limits and limits to how much you can spend on clicks for nominated keywords.

3. It delivers a high return on investment

Unlike with many other marketing methods, with PPC you only pay for the ads that people click on. Once your campaigns are optimised, you will always get a good return on your investment - something which other marketing strategies may not be able to deliver.

It does, however, take time to optimise your campaigns, and you will have to mount an ongoing process of testing and tracking to succeed. Google AdWords makes this easy with its transparency and the ready availability of information.

You will be able to identify what works and what doesn't, so that you can focus your budget on the right areas.

4. It's transparent and easy to navigate

The results of campaigns on the Google Ads platform are easy to understand, and the reports come in very quickly after it goes live.

It is easy to analyse your campaign progress from your dashboard, where you get all the information relating to multiple campaigns including clicks, the keywords that lead visitors to your website, the cost of clicks and much more besides.

5. The traffic is vast

Google is one of the world's biggest companies, with millions of people searching and clicking on Google ads daily. So a business can benefit from a huge amount of daily traffic if they have the advertising budget.

Google leads the way in displaying relevant ads to the right people - their search engine algorithms are always evolving and developing, to ensure they produce the most relevant ads and search results. This always benefits businesses who use Google Ads.

6. Businesses can learn about their market

Understanding your customer is essential, as it makes it easier to deal with customers and learn their needs. But traditional market research techniques can be quite limited.

With Google Ads, you can learn a lot about customer habits and needs, the likes of which past generations could only dream about. Use the keywords they search, their location, what devices they use, the times they search and other valuable information obtained through AdWords to learn your customers better.

There has never been a more powerful advertising tool than Google Ads. It provides unique opportunities to learn about customers and attract them to your business. Online advertising is not appealing for every business - but with an intuitive and powerful tool like Google Ads, perhaps it's time to reconsider?

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