SMS bootcamp: keeping it personal

By: Holly Barber

Date: 12 July 2017

SMS bootcamp: keeping it personalIf you're reaching out to customers by text - make sure you treat them in the same way you would if you met them face to face. Demonstrate your outstanding customer service skills with a friendly and personal text, leaving them with a smile on their face.

Step one: Get to know your customers

Before you can think about personalising your messages, you need to get to know your customer base. The easiest way to do this is to track their interactions with your company across all your channels. Find out as much as possible about their interests and shopping habits by integrating your communication efforts across your website and social media, as well as tracking customer conversations and in-store behaviours.

Getting to know your customers allows you to collect invaluable information such as their birthday, shoe size or shopping habits, meaning you can send messages that you know are relevant to them. It makes it much easier to create message campaigns that grab their attention, which you know they'll want to engage with and act upon.

Step two: Create personalised content

Just as you want to get to know your customers, so your customers will also want to know who you are. Put them at ease by adding your company name in the senderID of the message body, so they instantly know who's getting in touch.

What about personalisation? With many SMS marketing platforms you can record each customer's name, details and interests, and pull this information into the message so the content is really personal to that specific customer. For example:

Hey {{firstname}}, it's Sam from HappyFeet, we have lovely new stock in tomorrow in size {{custom1}}! Preview the collection: Sam x

This leads straight away with the customer's first name, includes details that are relevant to them and makes it clear who the message is from - why not add your own name too? It's short, simple and full of personality.

Step three: Time it right

Knowing the perfect time to send your message is crucial to its success. It's not rocket science either - think about the content and type of campaign you're sending, and pick a time which would be most beneficial to your recipients. For example - imagine you've had a long and hard day at work, and the thought of rustling up dinner is pretty unappealing. Have no fear, your phone just beeped with an amazing 2-for-1 offer on pizzas tonight. Hurrah - problem solved - this is an example of perfect timing.

Grab a quick second to think when will be a likely time for your customers to choose your product or service - a little thought will go a long way. Don't be afraid to try some different ideas out, too - this way you'll find the optimum time and content that works for your business.

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