Six ways to maximise landing page conversions

By: Marketing Donut contributor

Date: 18 December 2013

Six ways to maximise landing page conversions/airplane landingA landing page is the heart of your online marketing campaign, capable of driving leads down your conversion funnel in a matter of seconds. So how do you create a first impression that's both persuasive and consistent with your brand?

Here are six steps to help you maximise landing page conversions:

1. Write a benefit-driven headline

Tap into your visitors' pain points and use the headline to offer your unique value proposition. The most memorable headlines demonstrate how the reader will benefit in a creative way that lets your brand personality shine.

2. Focus on one compelling offer

Writing copy for your landing pages is like telling a succinct story: people need to be able to get it almost immediately. Cut out all the clutter and focus your messaging on a single objective.

3. Create a strong call to action

A well-crafted call to action (CTA) can make all the difference when it comes to conversion. Make sure your page presents just one specific call to action. You can think of the CTA as a response to your headline, describing how users will benefit if they click through.

4. Prioritise content in your layout

Have you heard of the eight-second rule? It's a marketing principle that you have eight seconds (sometimes fewer) to convince a visitor to stay on your site. So put the key information above the fold (top of the page), including your value proposition, logo and call to action.

5. Add a short video

A video can really add impact. Create an informational video of around 30-60 seconds and let your visitors know the running time up front. Place a call to action beside the video and remember to publish it on a sharing site like YouTube.

6. A/B test

Get the most out of your landing page by continuously testing and optimising different factors. Target the low-hanging fruit first. CTAs and images are easy to swap and often have a huge impact on conversion.

Lauren Gard is PR manager at 99 designs. These tips are taken from the free ebook, Landing Page Design that Sells.

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