The ten secrets of successful exhibiting

By: Paula Tenwick

Date: 9 November 2011

Having been established within the exhibition industry for 15 years and boasting a combined experience of 40 years (crikey!), we decided to spread the love and have put together some simple exhibiting principles.

  • When considering your stand design, it’s a good idea to remember that open space is far more inviting.  It makes visitors feel more comfortable about stepping onto your stand and having a look around.
  • Never assume visitors know who you are and what you do. Any graphics must be visually clear and precise.
  • Sometimes less really does mean more. Don’t be tempted to cram too much into your stand and overload it with unnecessary furniture and graphics.
  • Reflect on your stand design — the older your stand, the less innovative you will appear to potential and current customers.
  • Always take into account brand awareness when designing your stand.
  • Consider AV — a fabulous platform for up-to-the-minute graphics and information.
  • Don’t forget to invite your current clients. Exhibiting is a fabulous opportunity to not only build new relationships but expand on current.
  • It’s worth taking into account that the more often you exhibit at the same event, the more likely you will be remembered and the more repeat customers you will have.
  • Smile! You will be amazed at the amount of  stand-holders I see who look like they have lost the will to live or have made me feel like they are undertaking a huge act of kindness  just  by speaking with me. Visitors don’t care how much “entertaining” you did the night before and whether you have the hangover from hell or not. It’s simple. If you don’t look happy to see someone, then you won’t be.
  • Lastly but possibly most importantly and I speak from experience here — ladies, beautiful shoes generally mean uncomfortable ones…

Yes, exhibiting can be hard work but when done right it can be fun and incredibly rewarding too.

Paula Tenwick is the sales and marketing director of K&H Design. Find out more about making a success of exhibitions by reading Fiona Humberstone’s guide to what NOT to do at exhibitions.