Why you should openly share your genius

By: Sally Danbury

Date: 25 August 2011

We don’t hard-sell now, it simply isn’t the “done” thing and it not only smacks of desperation, it’s downright rude. Nowadays it’s far more fun to be helpful.

We’ve moved to a much more tactical approach to new business marketing where we openly share wisdom with other well-matched business targets and offer to help them with their (marketing) challenges. Sharing knowledge also makes us feel good. This is a far cry, and so much more refreshing than the old ways that were laden with guilt.

My list of reasons for openly sharing your genius grows regularly, so I thought I’d post a few of my main points.

1. It really does enable you to develop relationships more readily and places you in good stead to win business faster.

2. People are more likely to come to you for help. Your giving nature makes you approachable and therefore initial barriers have already been overcome.

3. Your thoughts and opinions are a demonstration of true experience, insight and passion in your marketplace.

4. Offering up your expertise and general market advice stands you apart as an influencer and industry leader.

5. It’s easy. We have a multitude of social platforms we can access and build a community of like-minded types to engage with. Regular contribution and involvement will also enable prospective clients and partners to find you easily.

Sally Danbury is the founder of Cake Business Matching and an expert contributor to Marketing Donut.