Are you practising what you preach?

By: Kate Spiers

Date: 3 September 2010

We all have a mission, in life and in business. You're in business to help people do certain things, right? Whether it's providing people with a great meal, building them a cutting-edge website, training them to be brilliant at something or providing certain types of information, you're in business because you are good at something.

But are you practising what you preach? Are you immersed in your company's service and values, and do you treat yourself as a client?

What I mean is this: Wisdom London is in the business of helping our clients to communicate their messages brilliantly, creatively and clearly, to specific audiences. But we can't hope to be seen as authentically good at that (especially as a relatively new business... we're less than a year old, after all) unless we practice what we preach. Which is why we are just as obsessed with our own communications as we are with those of our clients.

I can't advise on social media without using it. I can't argue the value of thought leadership without producing it. I can't justifiably critique a client's web copy, without regularly doing the same to our own. I'm not saying we always get it right, but we are never knowingly hypocritical. We're trying hard every day to practice what we preach.

So think about what you do for your clients. Do you do the same for yourself and your own company? Is your website as amazing as the ones you aim to create for your clients? Is your own business tangibly benefiting from the software you develop, or the services you sell? Do you regularly eat the food you serve, wear the clothes you sell, or use the products you source?

Credibility and authenticity are all – doing your own business a service by benefiting it the same way you aim to benefit your clients not only builds these positive values, but demonstrates a true belief in your own products and services. And that is worth more than you might imagine.

Make it a priority.

Kate Spiers is founder of Wisdom London.

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