Notes on a Donut

By: James Ainsworth

Date: 18 August 2010

Some of you may know and some of you may not but this is my last day with BHP Information Solutions and so 15 months of being ‘the one behind the Marketing Donut Twitter account, the joint number 1 ranked Twitter account in Bristol and the one that did that 24 hour election live blog thing’ must, for me, come to an end.

I have enjoyed every tweet of my time here and getting to know what makes a small business tick has been a great education. We have had some great conversations online, you and I. We have created some brilliant articles together and shared some notable success. I am sure that with the help of the Marketing Donut (and the other Donut websites too!) you and your business will go on to have many future successes also.

For the Marketing Donut and @MarketingDonut, it will be small business resources and communication as usual and you will notice very little change from this day to the next. I wish the Donuts the absolute best for the future and know that I am leaving a resource that is truly valued by small businesses.

Best wishes

James Ainsworth

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