Marketing Donut Customer Service Manifesto

By: James Ainsworth

Date: 6 October 2009

At some point in time there was a shift in customer care in British retail and services. From the days of being ever-so British and polite, we now only talk about customer service in the positive when it is good — as a bonus, not a standard.

As the various political parties are in full conference swing and talking policy and proposals, here at the Marketing Donut we thought we’d produce a manifesto of our own.

This week is National Customer Service Week and to that end we want you to help us draw up a Customer Service Manifesto by sending your suggestions to us. At the end of the week we’ll turn your ideas into our golden standard of customer care and, of course, give credit where it is due to you the contributor.

What would you add to a Customer Service Manifesto to be the minimum level of practice for small businesses all the time and not just in exceptional circumstances?

Please keep your contribution brief and to the point and send it to us by:

  • leaving a comment at the bottom of this blog (you’ll have to be registered and sign in)
  • tweeting it to our Twitter account (@MarketingDonut)
  • sending us an email to [email protected]

Update: The results are in and YOUR manifesto can be found here