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Jon Payne
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I am the founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey. My sales career stretches back some 20 years with the last dozen or so working online. For the last 7 years my focus has been Search and Social Media Marketing. In addition to my role as 'Great Ape of Inbound' at Noisy Little Monkey, I give frequent talks and seminars about digital marketing. I aim to make you laugh and make you think. Sometimes both.

And here's a bit about Noisy Little Monkey:

We have four core values that guide our decisions and choices:

We are open and honest – with each other and with our clients. We tell you the good news and the bad news and we would never sell you anything that we don’t believe will work.

We put people first – but with high expectations of trust and value. If we trust and value you, you will trust and value us – that way we all have a better time and are more profitable.

We are always learning – we invest in conferences, tools and time to keep up to date with the ever changing world of search. Sometimes we get things wrong and we learn from that too.

We share what we know – on our blog, with our customers, at seminars, in meetings. We love to show off what we know and give it away, in the world of search it will be different all too soon anyway.


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