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Welcome to our "popular" page, with links to our most read features and some hidden gems, plus hot topics.

1.  Managing your customer relationships

Customers expect a high level of service if you want their loyalty. Our perennially popular briefing on treating your customers well.

2.  Small business news

Keep up to date with the latest news and updates for small businesses, updated every Friday.

3.  The ten biggest communication errors

This blog was a big hit with readers – Andy Bound's expert tips on what you could be doing wrong, and the simple solutions.

4.  Questionnaires, surveys and focus groups

Guidance on these powerful tools for doing your own primary market research.

5.  Using SEO to promote your business on a shoestring

Marketing doesn't need to break the bank – ecommerce expert Chris Barling explains how to get the word out on a budget.

6.  Managing your sales team

Getting the most out of your sales team is essential to achieve your company's full potential. But it's not always easy.

7.  Make the most of your networking options

Making the right contacts is crucial to developing your business – but so many of us struggle to network. Read expert Penny Power's advice.

8.  Content marketing

Content marketing has become a core business activity. See our guidance on using powerful content to connect with customers.

9.  Top 20 questions that research could help you answer

Richard Brown of Closer to Brands talks you through the questions you can answer about your market, competitors, products, marketing and customers.

10.  Real life businesses

Our case studies continue to be some of our most popular content – as a source of inspiration as well as information.