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Welcome to our "popular" page, with links to our most read features and some hidden gems, plus hot topics.

1.  Ten ways to build a brand for your small business

Many small business owners know branding's important – but don't know how to emulate the bigger players. Dan Einzg offers a simple step-by-step guide to building brand identity.

2.  A complete guide to writing a press release

There are some clear rules when it comes to writing press releases — covering everything from news angles to structure. Debbie Leven offers a complete guide to writing press releases that get results.

3.  Small business news

Keep up to date with the latest news and updates for small businesses, updated every Friday.

4.  Top 20 questions that research could help you answer

Market research can give you insight into your market, your competitors, your products, your marketing and your customers. Here are 20 questions market research can help you answer.

5.  Golden rules of complaint handling

Complants can help you to identify and rectify specific problems with your current systems or product. They can also help you to develop your relationship with your customer by allowing you to demonstrate that you value their trade by taking their concerns seriously.

6.  Branding

Your brand is one of your greatest assets. It's not just your logo, slogan and design scheme, but your customers' total experience of your business. Your brand is in your customer promise, your business values, your personality and the way you talk to your customers. 

7.  How to prepare a marketing plan

Use this handy checklist to create an effective marketing plan for your business. 

8.  How to use Facebook to promote your business

If your main target market is consumers rather than businesses, a growing social media community such as Facebook could be one of the best places to reach them. With millions of users worldwide, Facebook offers a direct route to a large community of potential customers. 

9.  Nine top tips for finding new customers

Relying on too few customers can leave you vulnerable - losing just one could mean you hit cashflow problems. Even if it seems unlikely that you will lose customers, finding new people to sell to might be the best way to keep your business stable - and growing.

10.  Real life businesses

Our case studies continue to be some of our most popular content – as a source of inspiration as well as information.