How positive is your attitude to customer relationships?

How positive is your attitude to customer relationships?Put a tick in the box beside each of the statements below indicating the extent to which you agree or disagree with each in turn to find out how positive your approach to customers is.

Think about each one and answer honestly; the sum of the numbers in each column represents your score.


Strongly disagree


Neither agree nor disagree


Strongly agree







1. I like to spend time with customers






2. Every customer is worthy of respect






3. Every customer relationship involves give and take






4. I am not afraid to talk openly about their concerns






5. I am happy to hear what customers think about me, my organisation, and listen to their concerns






6. I am willing to give help to customers and to ask for support from my organisation when I need to






7. Each individual is made up of a mixture of strengths and weaknesses






8. I think most people respond positively if they are approached positively






9. I don't expect to like every customer, or every customer to like me






10. I can accept that customers don't always behave or turn out to be the way I want them to






Column Score






Total Score



How did you do?

If you scored less than 25, your attitude tends to be more negative than positive, which makes it difficult for you to relax into a customer relationship or rapport. You could do with loosening up, and practising the skills outlined in this section.

If you scored 25-34, you are not open to making new relationships and establishing contact with customers. You could do with being more open and tolerant. Providing good customer care is a skill that can be developed if you are prepared to work at it.

If you scored 35-44, your attitude tends to be more positive than negative, but you may find it hard to make initial customer contact. You will need to take note of the information in this section and polish up that skill.

If you scored 45-50, your attitude to customers you come into contact with is a positive, open one. The relationship you build with customers is likely to be successful. However, there is always room for improvement.

Written by Mac Mackay of Duncan, Alexander & Wilmshurst.