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Penny Power

Penny Power



9 Adam Street, WC2N 6AA, London

Company description

Sunzu is a social business network that provides an environment for independent professionals and small businesses to create an online brand and be part of a supportive community

About the expert

I founded Sunzu in 1998 and have advised, taught and written about social networking and how businesses can and should leverage this world for over 10 years. I am passionate about the ability for individuals to contribute and become successful business people through the sharing of knowledge and people

Articles by this expert, by highest rating

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    Penny Power, founder of Ecademy (now Known as SunZu), explains how your profile acts as an online brochure for your business. The video offers guidance on how to approach creating an effective and engaging profile…

  • Make the most of your networking options

    Networking is an invaluable means of generating new business leads and keeping up to date with industry developments. Making the right contacts is crucial to developing your business. But what are your networking options? …

  • Q&A: Social networking to boost your business

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