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Experts: Yorkshire

  • Andrea D'Ercole

    Importer and retailer of Italian wine and food made by small, passionate producers offering fantastic value for money.

  • Emma Pearson-Kendall

    Fred is a marketing expert dedicated to showing how clever, creative marketing should always make commercial sense. Fred offers a full agency service but we always think before we do and by working with us, clients realise that great marketing is always an investment and not a cost.

  • John Shepherd

    Alchemy is about 'chemistry', turning base metal into gold. Alchemy Research is all about: 'Customer chemistry' - understanding how it feels to be in their shoes; 'Client chemistry' - understanding your needs and challenges; 'Team chemistry' - vastly experienced. We don't have a magic formula, but we provide golden nuggets of commercially-actionable insight!

  • Lorraine Davidson

    Established in 1998, we bring focus to your marketing activity, as an experienced, outsourced, flexible resource to be used exactly when and where you need it. Covering research, planning, communications and monitoring effectiveness, we operate as a seamless and integral part of your team.

  • Wayne Smallman

    Wayne Smallman is the founder of web design, development and Internet marketing consultancy Octane Interactive and the man behind the popular Blah, Blah! Technology blog, a focal point for his passion for technology, and a hallmark of his business mentality, writing style, and adeptness at making complex technology issues approachable and accessible.