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Experts: Yorkshire

  • Andrea D'Ercole

    Importer and retailer of Italian wine and food made by small, passionate producers offering fantastic value for money.

  • Emma Pearson-Kendall

    Fred is a marketing expert dedicated to showing how clever, creative marketing should always make commercial sense. Fred offers a full agency service but we always think before we do and by working with us, clients realise that great marketing is always an investment and not a cost.

  • John Shepherd

    Alchemy is about 'chemistry', turning base metal into gold. Alchemy Research is all about: 'Customer chemistry' - understanding how it feels to be in their shoes; 'Client chemistry' - understanding your needs and challenges; 'Team chemistry' - vastly experienced. We don't have a magic formula, but we provide golden nuggets of commercially-actionable insight!

  • Wayne Smallman

    Wayne Smallman is the founder of web design, development and Internet marketing consultancy Octane Interactive and the man behind the popular Blah, Blah! Technology blog, a focal point for his passion for technology, and a hallmark of his business mentality, writing style, and adeptness at making complex technology issues approachable and accessible.