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Experts: Sales

  • Alison Davey

    Real Eyes Marketing supports sole traders, consultants and small businesses - getting the right products, services and messages through to the right customers. They work online and offline in any business sector, writing marketing materials and websites, developing marketing strategies and marketing reviews and new ideas for business.

  • Andy Coughlin

    ACC Ltd helps people and organisations achieve higher levels of performance. It delivers Gazing Performance Systems - programmes that help teams (usually management and sales) perform better, especially when under pressure. It also facilitates events - often in conjunction with The Working Knowledge Group. Typically these events include enterprise and business activities, and are often linked to student qualifications.

  • Andy Preston

    Outstanding Results help improve the sales performance of small and medium-sized businesses. They work directly with directors, managers and salespeople to improve performance in the sales arena.

  • Grant Leboff

    Sticky Marketing Club understands that in this web-enabled, technologically driven world, the old sales and marketing models no longer work as they once did. Sticky Marketing Club exists to ensure their members receive the most up-to-date thinking in sales and marketing. This enables them to take advantage of the latest tools, technologies and ideas to ensure they are successful in a competitive market.