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Experts: Market research

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  • Charles Jennings

    Avista specialises in qualitative research in both B2B and consumer fields. Expertise in focus groups, depth interviewing, analysis, report writing, presentations and workshops. Special skills in conducting desk research. Avista works directly with clients and client teams and with research agencies in providing full or part research work.

  • Eric Brandenburg

    Marketest is a leading online market research company. We have more than 10 years' experience in helping start-ups by testing their target market. We primarily work for start-up entrepreneurs and companies launching a new product or service. We provide local, national and international market research using more than 900,000 targeted panellists.

  • Fiona Blades

    MESH Planning is an award-winning research agency specialising in evaluating integrated campaigns. We have developed a real-time research approach that picks up everything from TV advertising to in store and word of mouth to understand how each element of the campaign is working.

  • Gillian Angel

    Clarity in Marketing is an ethical and effective marketing agency, with experts in emarketing, strategy, research and branding services for SMEs. With no vested interest in any one marketing channel, we put together campaigns using the combination of disciplines that will produce the greatest results for your business.

  • Jenny Covey

    Javelin Marketing supports large and small businesses with a range of services covering the marketing spectrum harnessing consultancy, strategic planning, market research and product management with tactical implementation programmes such as marketing communications and public relations. We work to fixed price contracts making budgeting simple and cost effective.

  • John Shepherd

    Alchemy is about 'chemistry', turning base metal into gold. Alchemy Research is all about: 'Customer chemistry' - understanding how it feels to be in their shoes; 'Client chemistry' - understanding your needs and challenges; 'Team chemistry' - vastly experienced. We don't have a magic formula, but we provide golden nuggets of commercially-actionable insight!

  • Julia Whitehead

    Ask Joe Public is a small qualitative research consultancy that specialises in UK based consumer research. Ask Joe Public was established in 2006 by Julia Whitehead, who has more than 15 years' experience in the industry.

  • Kate Willis

    KW Research is a professional marketing research agency whose sole aim is to make their clients' businesses work more effectively by providing actionable, cost-effective, strategic and expert advice on what to do next to develop their company, brand and communications.

  • Paul Szwarc

    Founded in 1987, Network Research creates research programmes to find out how much your customers care and what they care about: most importantly, we reveal why they care. We understand customer relationships and how they impact on different businesses and we specialise in improving loyalty, advocacy, retention and trust.

  • Richard Brown

    Closer to Brands believes that the closer you are to people's needs, the closer they'll be to your brand. Through a combination of qualitative research and workshop facilitation, we help brand owners understand what people's needs really are. Then we help them work out how best to make their brands satisfy those needs.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 13 results