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Experts: Direct marketing

  • Dan Parker

    FireText is a SMS (text message) marketing company to help you grow your business. Our easy-to-use and low-cost solutions allow you to improve your customer communication and brand experience in an instant.

    FireText offer SMS solutions via their web interface, email-to-SMS or the ability to integrate via their developer API.

  • Dee Blick

    Award-winning small business marketing company and marketing author, specialising in "marketing on a shoestring" delivered through services that include results focused copywriting - adverts, press releases, newsletters, sales letters, advertorials and teaser campaigns; practical marketing planning; developing and implementing highly targeted tactical campaigns; marketing, PR and exhibition skills workshops.

  • Drayton Bird

    All you need to know about marketing – from one of the most respected gurus, best-selling author and copywriter Drayton Bird, of whom legend David Ogilvy said: “He knows more about direct marketing than anybody else in the world”. Find free resources, books, videos and articles at

  • Helen Peach

    Door to Door is Royal Mail's unaddressed mail marketing product. It is delivered alongside addressed mail by Royal Mail delivery staff and so enables effective marketing communication with all the households in the UK.

  • Luan Wise

    Luan Wise offers an outsourced marketing resource, mainly for B2B services organisations.  As a consultant, her principle expertise lies in digital media and direct marketing – which can mean anything from defining a marketing strategy or creating a consumer advertising campaign to organising a trade event.