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Experts: Customer care

  • Andrew McMillan

    Sword Charteris is a business and IT consultancy with practices in the retail, government, services and financial sectors. 'Customer-centricity' consulting focuses on reviewing and streamlining processes to ensure organisations offer the best service at a minimal cost. Customer experience consulting helps organisations to define and shape their internal culture and externally reflect that to deliver a differentiated level of service through their people.

  • Darren Young

    Customer Service Network provides customer service best practice solutions that support your journey to service excellence. Their range of products and services include customer surveys, employee surveys, benchmarking, assessment, complaint management, training and consultancy.

  • Derek Williams

    The WOW! Awards is the UK's only national award for customer service based purely on customer nominations.

  • Mac Mackay

    Founded in 1992, Duncan Alexander Associates had a clear mission: to provide ‘contract colleagues’ to see the way to enhance organisational performance. Following early success they acquired John Wilmshurst Marketing Consultants, and Duncan Alexander & Wilmshurst (DAW Ltd) was formed.

  • Robert Craven

    The Directors' Centre offers brighter, gutsier, business consulting from 'been there, done it' advisers - straight talking, honest, practical people who will help you take your business to the next level. Free of business school BS, they focus on significantly improving sales, profit and shareholder value.