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Andy Coughlin

Andy Coughlin

Andy Coughlin Consulting Ltd

Chief executive

Milford House, Broomfield Park, Sunningdale, SL5 0JT

Contact: Andy Coughlin


Company description

ACC Ltd helps people and organisations achieve higher levels of performance. It works in two main areas:

  • Delivering Gazing Performance Systems — programmes that help teams (usually management and sales) perform better, especially when under pressure.
  • Facilitation of events — often in conjunction with The Working Knowledge Group. Typically these events include enterprise and business activities, and are often linked to student qualifications.

About the expert

Andy works with sales and management teams, helping them achieve high performance, especially when the pressure is on. Using the robust Gazing Performance System, Andy helps organisations achieve long-term behaviour change. He draws on a wide range of experiences, from the corporate worlds of IBM and Compaq, through SME and also the voluntary sector.

Andy works with teams across a range of sectors including technology, finance and is also working with a government organisation in Dubai. He assists at events, and is lead facilitator with The Working Knowledge Group. He is also an NLP practitioner.

Away from work, Andy is a keen sportsman, playing hockey, golf and coaching mini rugby. He finds that as well as being a great way to relax, these activities contribute greatly to his ability to work with teams. The parallels between business and sport are endless.

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