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Price and Prejudice

June 08, 2009 by Chris Barling

Some people think that price is everything. My son currently works in my company, SellerDeck, sitting beside me in the home office. His job is account managing customers who use our ecommerce web hosting. It’s very instructive listening in. We’re not the cheapest offering, although we believe that we offer good value. Since you will start losing orders and customers the second your ecommerce web site goes down, and Google research suggests that marginally slow sites reduce orders by 20%, you would expect quality of service to be the major topic of conversation. Often it is, but for a minority, price is all that matters. In fact, there are relatively few products and services where price should be the sole criterion. These probably include electricity, where the same stuff always comes down the same wire anyway, and petrol, where rival brands across town often sell petrol from the same refinery. But some people always focus on price. The question is; do you even want to speak to customers who only care about price? Wouldn’t these customers be better hassling the competition? They not only pay less, they can also waste a lot of time. Competing on price requires the lowest possible cost base. So most businesses try to compete on overall value. My suggestion is if you aren’t losing a few customers on price, you probably aren’t charging enough. And those customers that you would lose from slightly higher prices, will probably be the very same ones that would be the least profitable and the most trouble.

A hotel in Cornwall to name and shame

January 26, 2009 by Robert Craven

Nice hotel near Jamie Oliver’s Number 15 restaurant, Newquay. Friendly welcome... but obviously times were hard - they were offering an extra 40% discount - pretty good, eh? The next morning: 06.55am, the ventilation/extractor fan outside our bedroom window kicks off and roars into action. It is so loud it wakes us both up with a jolt. I call reception and explain the situation. They say "You are not the first person to mention it... so sorry... and come to reception when you are ready and mention the problem and we will be able to sort something out with the bill." On departure we go to reception and mention the problem. The reply was, "It's the ventilation system and we have to have it on or we can't open the kitchen for breakfast", followed by "Why should we do something on the bill - you got a good price already"...

The receptionist made me feel as if I had been lying about the offered discount.

Am I simply in the wrong to expect a quiet night's sleep? Should I name and shame the hotel?

PS I have sent them a copy of this blog entry. Exceeding Customer Expectations - A Seven Point Plan - Are customers really in charge when it comes to dealing with organisations?

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