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18 ways to talk to your customers on social media

18 ways to talk to your customers on social media

February 02, 2015 by Marketing Donut contributor

18 ways to talk to your customers on social mediaI meet a lot of small business owners who still aren't getting the most out of social media. Some say they don’t know how; some say they haven’t got time. Others say they simply don't know what to post.

But any activity, if important to your business, will get done. It just needs to become a priority.

Here are 18 easy ways that small businesses can connect with their audience on social media:

  1. Promote new products. Take photographs and share them via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Make sure you focus the accompanying text on a benefit your customers will care about.
  2. Tell people about a sale or promotion you’re running. People love deals. Including a picture will get your customer’s attention and help them visualise themselves with your product.
  3. Announce a new member of staff. This doesn't have to be done in a boring way (the way most companies do it). Have some fun with the announcement and include a picture.
  4. Get involved with your community. Not every tweet or post needs to be about your business. Focusing attention on others is a great way to build an audience online.
  5. Share pictures and testimonials from happy customers. Make sure you have their permission first.
  6. Give people something to think about. Publish an inspirational quote or share an interesting tweet.
  7. Don’t forget the basics. Tell people about a new telephone number or any upcoming changes to your hours of service.
  8. Tell people if you’re hiring. You never know, your next superstar may be a current customer, or a friend of one.
  9. Ask your customers questions. Use social media as a tool to get customer input on how to improve your products or services.
  10. And answer their questions too. Responding to queries and comments is the best way to build engagement.
  11. Make people laugh. Tell a joke (keep it tasteful!) or share an amusing picture.
  12. Tell people where they can buy your products and meet the team. This could be a new shop, an event or a trade show.
  13. Create a product video. Showcase one of your products in a video and share it via YouTube, Instagram or Vine.
  14. Run a competition. Social media is a great way to publicise a competition and get engagement with customers and prospects.
  15. Announce key dates. This could include upcoming deadlines to place product orders, the end of a promotion or the arrival of a new product.
  16. Share a how­-to video. Provide helpful information related to your area of expertise.
  17. Remind people of your returns policy. Highlight how it differentiates from your competitors.
  18. Provide local updates. This could be related to road closures or parking issues for instance.

Copyright © 2015 Eric Moeller, founder of Copy Dojo. You can find him on Twitter @CopyDojo


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A great article, my company Beed Virtual has experienced a steady increase in clients booking our virtual assistance for Social media marketing services, especially for pertinent campaigns where considerable social media output is required over a short period of say a week. Keeping up with social media in order to make sure your business benefits can be time consuming but is absolutely necessary in order to stay ahead of the competition and be seen. Regards, Bev - Beed Virtual 

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Thanks very much for this. I am new to social media world and I am aware that I have a lot of learning to do. Thanks again for your very informative and helpful tips.


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Hello Alana - thank you for your comment!

I think the challenging things for many small businesses is first establishing the habit of sharing via social media, and secondly thinking 'what would my target customers / audiences enjoy receiving?'. Obviously they should be trying to make their social media updates as broadly appealing as possible. 

A lot of small businesses may not realise it, but using social media really can set them apart from their competition, so hopefully more of them will start to really embrace it.  



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Thank you, I really enjoyed this post. I work for a marketing and PR recruitment agency, and it is so important for us to be able to connect with our candidates via social media. I'm glad to say that a lot of the points made here are things that we are already doing a lot of eg. sharing our how-to videos and running Twitter competitons. But there are deffinetly a few points on here that we could think about doing a bit more of - so thanks for this! Kind regards, Alana 

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