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How to motivate your customers to buy

How to motivate your customers to buy

May 02, 2012 by Bryony Thomas

motivationIt’s fascinating how a simple change of language can completely alter your perspective on something. In a meeting with David Tovey from Principled Selling, we were looking at stages in the buying decision and discussing which parts are marketing, which sales, and which customer service.

To my mind, marketing is the act of taking your products and services to market, and is therefore the umbrella term for the joined-up whole. However, I conceded that most people see marketing as filling the top end of a sales funnel. The awareness and lead generation bit. Then David said something brilliant. He said, “we don’t call it marketing; we call it motivating” — and he is spot on!

Use the word marketing and many people think of fluffy branding activity or expensive awareness campaigns. Many of which seem to have little link to an actual sale at the end of the day. But, if you switch the word to talk about how you’re going to motivate potential buyers to want to talk to you, and then to want to buy from you, and then to want to keep buying from you; then the purpose of the activity becomes clear. The purpose is to help them.

The most motivating thing of all is to be genuinely helpful. If you can help your potential buyer to achieve something that’s on their list, then you’re on to a winner. So, think about the steps in a buying decision and think about ways to be helpful…

  • If they’re scoping a project, think about a blog or paper that helps them to prepare a project brief.
  • If they’re choosing between suppliers, think about providing a scorecard of key criteria against which to assess potential suppliers.
  • If they’re teetering on the edge of a decision, find a way of letting them try before they buy with a trial or gateway product.

So, ask yourself if what you’re putting out there is helpful? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely to be motivating.

And, that’s good marketing.

Bryony Thomas is an expert contributor to Marketing Donut and a marketing consultant, speaker, and author. Her first book – Watertight Marketing – will be available Summer 2012. This blog originally appeared here.


Anonymous's picture

It is therefore essential that SE Optimizers take a holistic view of
a company's website and accordingly make efforts to design and
launch Internet marketing campaigns. It is a mistake to get too worked up after reading success stories of some fancy
brand. A company's digital marketing is direct interaction with
their customers which you can track as well; therefore
a person with both technical and marketing skills is required to run a successful
Internet Marketing campaign.

Bryony Thomas's picture

Thanks Robert. It's an investment in what like to call your 'commercial karma' - even if it doesn't result in an immediate sale, goodwill will always repay in the long term.

Robert Peters's picture

That's a great way to put it Bryony and it's very true, I've found if you make the effort to help and be useful it always comes back to you.

Robert Peters's picture

Great post Bryony!

I've found that being useful and doing it as often as possible is the best way to generate new business.  The process of getting a prospective customers to know, like and trust you is so much easier if you offer useful information and when they get to the point of enquiring about your services they are often already pre-sold, which is great for anyone who hates selling.

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