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Quick fix Vs proper fix

Quick fix Vs proper fix

August 19, 2011 by Robert Craven

I would love to think that the world has finally had enough of get-rich-quick, instant-gratification programmes that promise instant painless solutions at the click of a credit card payment — solutions to what are, in effect, deep-seated issues we have in our businesses, (eg have we got the right product, the right processes, the right people, the right partners, the right customers, the right channels to market…?).

The irony of the “quick fix” vs “fixing the problem properly” argument cannot pass me by.

I am amazed at the sheer volume of products and services that claim to be a must-have, success-guaranteed, “you’d-be-a-fool-not-to-buy-while-stocks-last”, time-sensitive, unique opportunity.

I hope that these only appeal to the relatively gullible, the innocent and the needy who have no-one to protect them from themselves. And, of course, do the offers bear any resemblance to what the business actually needs?!


You can sign up for the quick fix solutions, but in reality the issues you should be addressing are probably symptomatic of something more fundamental that needs to be addressed in your business. You can confront this stuff or sweep it under the carpet… (or behind the curtain or wherever...!).

Robert Craven is an expert contributor to Marketing Donut. He runs The Directors' Centre and is the author of business best-sellers Kick-Start Your Business and Bright Marketing.

You can get valuable ideas and advice — aka  proper fixes —  for your marketing strategy.


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