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The Internet does not only enable us to laugh at William Shatner

The Internet does not only enable us to laugh at William Shatner

April 10, 2009 by Simon Wicks

There’s no avoiding the Internet. Whether you’re checking the headlines, keeping in touch, booking flights or buying a birthday gift for your mother, the chances are you turn to your PC first (or your laptop, or your phone…). It’s scary how reliant on the Internet we’ve become for information and entertainment, and how quickly. Who would have imagined 15, or even 10, years ago that we’d be using telephones to watch a video of William Shatner singing Rocket Man?

This all-pervasiveness is both good and bad news for businesses. Good because the web gives you access to an almost unlimited customer base; bad because just having a website is not nearly enough when the typical visitor expects to be informed and engaged instantly. If you don’t deliver straight away, your visitors will be off to someone who can.

To succeed in the modern business environment, you’ve got to have a web strategy that works. E-commerce, search engine optimisation, online advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social networking – these are all things you may well have to master to maximise your online marketing and sales. It’s horribly confusing and complicated. Or is it?

For the Marketing Donut, we’ve recruited a phalanx of Internet experts to tell you what you need to know in language you can understand. We’ve got Penny Power, for example, the founder of the web’s top business networking site, Sunzu, explaining how to do social networking; a variety of experts from our main sponsor, Google, addressing online advertising; David J Smith, director of operations at the online retail body IMRG explaining e-commerce issues – you get the idea.

With the Marketing Donut, we want to make Internet marketing straightforward for small-business owners. We think we’re going to do it. Find out for yourself on 20 April.


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Very well written. This is the kind of information that is useful to those want to increase their SERP's. Keep up the good work.

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The thing is that for all that the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins is Leonard Nimoy being a bit daft, you can tell from his poetry and photography that he takes his 'art' fairly seriously. But William Shatner? Surely he can't be taking Rocket Man seriously? Or can he? The audience - at a Sci Fi awards ceremony! - must feel they've been the victims of an enormous practical joke, yet they have to clap politely because nobody can be quite sure whether Shatner's being serious or not. He's a comedy genius.

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I think Leonard Nimoy's ballad of Bilbo Baggins is the greatest piece of work by any Star Trek cast member:

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