Focus, focus, focus - the power of niche

By: Sonja Jefferson

Date: 21 March 2013

Focus, focus, focus — the power of niche/niche word{{}}The businesses that win in the digital age are the ones that have the greatest relevance to their target audience. They are the ones that are the most focused — they absolutely understand their market and the people they serve.

If you want success from the content you share on the web you’ll need a laser focus on your clients or customers and their particular needs. The way to get results is to specialise — stick your stake in the sand and target your content marketing efforts at a particular niche.

“Customers buy when they find that you are in their bull’s eye — i.e. exactly what they are looking for. But the more bland and boring your marketing message, the more you become one of many in the outer rings of the target. When you have a niche — either by who you serve or by what you do — then you stand out as a specialist.”

Paul Simister, Differentiate Your Business.

If you truly specialise you’ll know more about your area of focus than most firms and you’ll have something more relevant, unique and interesting to say. Your expertise becomes so much deeper. The better you know your audience, the better you’ll become at writing content they’re likely to read and respond to, and the more success you’ll get from your marketing.

What this means for small firms

For a small firm with limited resources, the niche question can mean some hard decisions — which market will you choose to serve? The subject of niche specialisation is a contentious one for many smaller companies. The fear is that if you focus too narrowly you’ll miss out on opportunities: seeking general appeal in large markets is seen as the safer option. But if you fail to specialise, you run the risk of trying to be everything to everybody and failing to be remembered — your messages effectively disappear between the cracks.

The more precisely you can describe your customers, address their issues and deepen your knowledge, the more relevant and valuable your content will be and the more success you will get.

Getting it right

The web design company Newfangled is a great example. Web development is an overcrowded marketplace but Newfangled most certainly set their business apart. They differentiate themselves by focusing on a niche market — website development for advertising agencies and marketing firms. The quality and focus of their content gives them stellar status in their field.

Having a niche makes your story so much easier to tell with your content, so much easier for people to understand and retell. I will leave you with some sound advice from Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of the Start:

“Put one niche in your basket, hatch it, put another niche in your basket, hatch it … and soon you’ll have a whole bunch of niches that add up to market domination.”

How about your business? Generalist or niche? What works best for you?

Sonja Jefferson is an expert contributor to Marketing Donut and content marketing consultant at Valuable Content. Sonja is co-author, with Sharon Tanton, of Valuable Content Marketing.