Social media made simple

By: Nic Windley

Date: 22 June 2011

You may have talked about it, some think they already do it, but what actually is social media marketing?

As Sherlock would say, “the clues, dear Holmes, are in the name”.

Media is content that is published online and, to be compelling, it’s usually developed from a solid strategic marketing perspective and has a social component that allows it to be shared, discussed or even added to in some way.

Think of social media as an online meeting room where people can share and discuss ideas anywhere and at anytime.

One of the great things about social media marketing is that it supports the inbound marketing methodology. By taking part in social media you can help your business by:

  • Improving the SEO of your website
  • Promoting you, your business and your website
  • Following a permission-based marketing approach

How to get involved in social media marketing

It’s quite simple. It’s just like entering a room where there are lots of people that don’t know each other. Just make the effort to get to know them — it’s far easier than doing it face to face where people can make snap judgements about you.

Ignite the conversation

You can meet a lot of people online and start your own conversations about topics that are important to the people in your market.

Add value

It’s not about advertising your products or services — answering questions and helping others will get you noticed.

Be open

Be open to asking questions and listening to what others have to say and to what they recommend. Take it on board, investigate and share your results with others.

How to build simple social media marketing campaigns

Just like the simple steps outlined above, it’s all about give and take and the more you give the more you can take, in a positive and creative way of course.

Don’t be shy

Anyone can publish, share and network, including you, so don’t be shy. The internet enables you to leverage assets that were never before possible.

Everything you have can now be published to any place that allows it, so collect and release as much as you can — including videos, pictures, blogs, articles, e-books, white-papers, slide-shares, bookmarks, and tweets.

See what others in your immediate market or complementary markets are creating, publishing and sharing and promote what they’re doing.

Empower your stakeholders to do the same.

Use marketing technology that helps you to promote and measure the efforts of your social media marketing activity as simply and effectively as possible.

Nic Windley is an expert contributor to Marketing Donut and is a lead generation and nurturing specialist.

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